Got a very expensive BENQ video projector for important presentations from DARTY ,Paris ,France. Had hardly used it and It broke down in 2 weeks!!

Was told will be repaired in 10 days. After 10 days they extended the date to another 10 days.Its been a month now and still dont know when will get it .spoke and wrote to them and pleaded for a solution but they arent even willing to provide a temporary substitue so i can carry on my presentations.

I brought something expensive and branded from DARTY because i trusted their services .But today my money is gone,and i havnet even been able to use the product for my presentations and there is no assurance as to when i will get it back . PLEASE DONOT BUY PRODUCTS FROM DARTY TRUSTING THEIR "SERVICE APRES VENTE" AS THEIR SERVICES ARE HORRIBLE.

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